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This unique electric hearse!

Experience the Tesla funeral car from Budget Hearses: Low CO2, environmentally friendly, silent, stylish and with the E-Hearse eco-label.

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Who is Budget Hearses?

Budget Hearses sells, leases and rents hearses and associated funeral supplies.

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Mercedes Benz EQV - Budget Hearse

Mercedes Benz EQV

An electric hearse that can be used for any kind of funeral transport. Find out everything!

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The eco-label for funeral directors

Powered by Budget Hearses

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Tesla Model 3 - E-Hearse

The E-Hearse eco-label

From early 2023 onwards, Budget Hearses will be able to offer you electric funeral transport. As a result of the growing demand for electric funeral transport, we have created the E-Hearse eco-label.

The E-Hearse eco-label represents thirty years of experience and expertise in funeral transport coupled with the most environmentally and climate-friendly developments in funeral EVs.

Our first achievement: the funeral Tesla. The Funeral Tesla is currently a work in progress. The starting point is an affordable and extremely cost-effective, timeless, comprehensive and comfortable electric funeral car based on the Tesla Model 3.

The expected sales price of this electric hearse is from €94,500.

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    Why the Tesla Model 3 as the basis for our funeral car?

    Why the Tesla Model 3 as the basis for our funeral car?

    The Tesla Model 3 has quickly established itself as an extremely reliable electric vehicle (EV). It was the world’s first EV to be designed with the aim of mass production. At its European launch in 2019, the Tesla Model 3 was also the most affordable electric car in its class to date.


    This car boasts a timeless design in which aerodynamic curves and more angular forms merge into a robust yet understated and stylish ensemble. The designers of our transformed Tesla hearse were given the task of preserving the characteristic lines of the Model 3 as much as possible. Therefore, our funeral EV helps to ensure a stylish farewell ceremony.

    Economical and safe

    The Tesla Model 3 combines dramatic performance with state-of-the-art safety and technology. The highly efficient electric powertrain is quiet, economical and comfortable. The specifications of our funeral Tesla will differ from the original specifications because of the elongated rear end and some other modifications. Nonetheless, in terms of emissions and noise reduction, the performance of our electric hearse will very much be favourable compared to a hearse with an internal combustion engine.


    A Tesla fleet comes with a low cost of ownership.

    A Tesla fleet is synonymous with low cost of ownership. This is for the benefit of the company, drivers and fleet managers. Nationwide and local incentives for electric vehicles contribute further to lowering overall costs. Remote diagnostics and the international service network make fleet maintenance easy and keep the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low. With on-air software updates, every Tesla receives the latest features and functionality for an even better and more complete fleet.

    Better for the climate and the environment
    The Tesla Model 3 is also a very responsible choice when it comes to the environment and climate. This car does not produce any exhaust fumes while driving. Independent research** also shows that an electric car produces about three times less CO2 over its lifetime than a comparable diesel or petrol-powered model. The study took into account every gram of CO2 emissions: from the production of cars and parts to the generation of electricity in the power station and the transport of electricity to the charging station. So reduce your impact on the environment and your carbon footprint with the new funeral Tesla from Budget Hearses.

    * Source power consumption: EDVB Real Range (data are based on the original model).
    ** Source CO2 emissions: Transport & Environment, 2020 (data are based on the original model)

    Powered by Budget Hearses

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    Benefits for the driver, company and fleet manager

    • The most modern safety systems
    • Access to environmental zones
    • Remote access via the Tesla app
    • Ready for anticipated stricter CO2 legislation in the (near) future
    • Minimal maintenance costs
    • No fuel costs
    • Charging costs can be greatly reduced with solar panels
    • On-air software-updates
    • Enhancing your image through sustainable entrepreneurship
    • The high resale value of the funeral Tesla
    • Access to an online fleet management platform
    • International service network and remote diagnosis

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    our unique Funeral Tesla!

      Who are we?

      About the E-Hearse eco-label
      E-Hearse is the name under which Budget Hearses develops and offers eco-friendly mobility in the funeral industry. We do this both in the Netherlands and internationally. The owners of Budget Hearses have been in business for thirty years and have built up an excellent reputation in the field of services and resources for funeral transport.

      Electric driving is the future. Not only because of the greater comfort and lower running costs, but also because governments are setting increasingly stricter standards for emissions.

      In the Netherlands alone, around 300,000 fully electric cars will be registered by 2022. Across the EU there are about 900,000 registered EVs. By the year 2021, the European market for EVs will have grown by no less than 63%. The advantages of electric driving are growing, the disadvantages are dwindling and most governments encourage investment in electric driving.

      Budget Hearses’ mission is to help entrepreneurs in the funeral industry make a convenient and cost-efficient transition to electric funeral transport through our E-Hearse eco-label.

      Budget Hearses not only sells, leases and rents electric funeral cars, but also arranges everything related to it: from advice and installation of a charging station to the fitting of solar panels. We use the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past three decades in funeral transport and advising companies in the funeral industry.

      Elektrische rouwauto - E-Hearse

      The advantages of electric funeral cars at a glance

      • An electric hearse lasts longer and requires less maintenance

      • An electric hearse is more comfortable to drive: quiet, smooth, no gear changes
      • Electric hearses do not emit unpleasant exhaust fumes

      • Electric funeral transport contributes to preserving the environment and meeting CO2 targets to combat climate change
      • Electric funeral cars are cheaper to use and have tax advantages